Professional Trade-In of Vehicles

Target Audience 

  • This session has been created for staff responsible for conducting appraisal or inspection of vehicles where the vehicle owner is involved. 
  • The content is suitable for sales and technical staff where customer facing interaction is required through the inspection/appraisal process. 


  • This session is designed to provide the necessary skills to accurately appraise or inspect a trade-in vehicle whilst managing the customer’s expectations.  
  • The intention is to facilitate a positive customer experience through one of the most challenging elements of the sales process that is more likely to result in a successful trade-in purchase and new vehicle sale. 
  • The content follows a logical sequence, from the purpose and function of a trade-in appraisal through to creating a bespoke, best practice approach, allowing the delegates the ability to develop their individual style and practice new skills in the safety of the learning environment.  
  • Through a variety of exercises, the session will engage the delegates and allow them to explore customer emotions throughout the trade-in process and better understand how their behaviours can positively influence an outcome that leads to a sale. 
  • Delegate participation is mandatory and culminates in them creating their own action plans for introducing the new skills learnt into their day-to-day activities. 

Course Content 

  • The Purpose and Function of a Trade-In Appraisal – establishes how important this element of the sales process is and that there are significant customer handling issues, it isn’t all about price. 
  • Customer Expectations – maintaining a focus on the customer emotions and expectations throughout the appraisal process. 
  • How to Carry Out an Accurate Appraisal – how to conduct the appraisal with the customer present and manage expectations. 
  • What is Best Practice Relative to Appraisal – delegates create their own best practice list that is clearly understood and will support their role within the business? 
  • Delegate Feedback – a review of the delegate’s individual plans, behavioural changes that they commit to introduce once back in the business. 


CARA Members€ 300
Non-CARA Members€ 450