The Used Vehicle Customer Journey


This session has been created for all staff that interact with retail customers to provide a foundation of understanding covering the key areas of influence in a potential used vehicle purchaser’s journey. 

Session Synopsis 

  • This session is designed to provide a clear understanding of how to positively influence a customer’s experience at all of the key milestones in their purchasing journey. 
  • The content is suitable for all skill levels and either serves to build a foundation of understanding or act as a reminder of best practice. 
  • The content follows a logical sequence, from sales personnel attributes to behavioural traits and identifying customer types, allowing the delegates the ability to hone their individual approaches and practice new skills in the safety of the learning environment. 
  • Through a variety of exercises, the session will engage the delegates and allow them to explore customer emotions throughout the purchasing experience and better understand how their behaviours can positively influence an outcome that leads to a sale. 
  • The intention is to develop or sharpen skills for gaining customer commitment through the buying process, leading to enhanced customer experience and an increased conversion ratio. 
  • Delegate participation is mandatory and culminates in them creating their own action plans for introducing the new skills learnt into their day-to-day activities. 

Course Content 

  • Attributes of a Successful Salesperson – the balance of knowledge, skills, attitude, and judgement. 
  • The Customer Journey – definition of the journey, how each customer is individual and what constitutes a milestone, moment of truth and the importance of having a sales process map. 
  • Behaviours Supporting Success – critical behaviours that support a best practice approach to customer handling and understanding customer profiles, how we can link specific behaviours to specific customer types to ensure the best outcome.  
  • Doing it Your Way – ensuring salespeople deliver your company values and ethos to your customers through every step of the journey. 
  • Delegate Feedback – a review of the delegate’s individual plans, behavioural changes that they commit to introduce once back in the business. 


CARA Members€ 300
Non-CARA Members€ 450