De-Fleeting & Preparation Process

Target Audience

This session has been created for all colleagues involved in the re-marketing arena, focussing on the start of the supply chain process.
Our intention is to give a clear insight in to the de-fleeting and preparation process


  • This session is designed to provide a full understanding of the process, from the return vehicle at customer level, through until the vehicles are ready for sale.
  • The intention is to give a deeper insight in to the specifics of all relevant services
  • The content will give a wider view, for all the different stakeholders e.g., leasing and fleet management-companies, auction houses, rent a car companies and the other departments who come in to contact (physically or digitally) with the vehicle
  • Through a variety of different exercises, this session will engage all delegates and allow them to explore in their own way and better understand the topic
  • Delegate participation is mandatory. Be prepared with all your relevant questions, no questions will be un-answered.

Course Content

  • Logistic and Transportation – who is involved and when
  • Return conditions – measurement to standards – why and how we do this – a best practice approach
  • What is “fair wear & tear” – clarification
  • How to communicate with seller and buyer – critical communications
  • “Time is money” – setting KPIs and maintaining focus


CARA Members€ 300
Non-CARA Members€ 450