Introduction to Used Vehicles & Remarketing

Target Audience

This session has been created for all staff that has any contact with the remarketing world, both being active in remarketing or works for a supplier or service provider servicing the industry. The session provides a foundation for understanding the complex world of remarketing and used cars.

The content is suitable for all skill levels and either serves to build a general foundation of understanding or shows the bigger picture if the delegateworks in one specific area.


  • This session is designed to provide a clear understanding of the  relationship between the new and used car market, various remarketing processes, the different actors, the objectives and hot topics of today.
  • The intention is to give a helicopter view of the remarketing ecosystem, leading to increased sales and business development and support a cross-functional approach.
  • The content follows a logical sequence, from the market to the different actors and processes and allows lots of time to answer the delegate’s specific needs.
  • Through a variety of exercises, the session will engage the delegates and allow them to explore their own understanding and learn about different insights.
  • Delegate participation is mandatory and culminates in them creating their own action plans to increase their contribution into their day-to-day activities.

Course Content

First ½ day

  • The used car market – European new and used car volumes and the different sources
  • The actors and their objectives – Overview of the different sellers and service providers.
  • The used car customer – How the industry handles the used car customers’ needs

Second ½ day

  • Key processes – Defleeting, Pricing, Trade-in, Residual Value,  Marketing, Stock Management and KPIs
  • Hot topics today: Data, Mileage fraud, Electrification, Automated pricing, Artificial intelligence & Online retailing
  • Closing


CARA Members€ 500
Non-CARA Members€ 750