Understanding Residual Values

Target Audience 

This session has been created for all staff that need to grasp the importance, the definition and the key drivers of Residual Values. The session attracts attendees from various areas of the automotive sector, primarily employees from: 

  • Residual Value setters 
  • Car manufacturers with responsibilities in used cars, residual value, controlling or product development 
  • Leasing companies working with remarketing, asset or risk management 
  • Suppliers wanting to understand this area of the business 

The content is suitable for all skill levels and either serves to build a foundation of understanding or act as a reminder of the detail. 


  • This session is designed to provide a clear understanding of the Residual values’ mechanics and the role it plays in the new and used car market. 
  • The content follows a logical sequence, from the importance for the industry, definitions, evolution over time, its key drivers and the RV setting process. 
  • Through a variety of exercises, the session will engage the delegates and allow them to explore their own knowledge and gain new insights. 
  • Delegate participation is mandatory and culminates in them creating their own action plans for introducing the new skills learnt into their day-to-day activities. 

Course Content 

  • The importance of Residual Values – the role within  total cost of ownership (TCO) or a lease rate and the impact for car manufacturers. 
  • The RV definitions – forecast, actuals, trade, retail and the different calculations. 
  • RV evolution – the change over the lifecycle and spread between different models 
  • RV drivers – The different aspects that influence the Residual Value split into four main categories 
  • RV setting process – A view into the world of RV setters and lease companies on the process used to forecast Residual Values 
  • Delegate Feedback – a review of the delegate’s individual expectations. 


CARA Members€ 300
Non-CARA Members€ 450