Used Vehicle Pricing

Target Audience 

  • This session has been created for staff involved in any kind of vehicle pricing activities – from residual value setting, retail price setting, benchmarking and comparison collation 
  • The content is suitable for delegates at all proficiency levels  


  • This session is designed to provide an introduction in to how vehicle prices are calculated, the key influencers and tools available to allow personnel involved with responsibility for management to accurately track values and pricing  
  • The intention is to facilitate a proactive approach to vehicle pricing that establishes best practices that can be transferred to the delegate’s role within their respective business 
  • The content follows a logical sequence, from understanding who, or what, determines a vehicle price, through to managing pricing and frequency of change and how this impacts days to sell and stocking costs 
  • Through a variety of interactive exercises, the session will engage the delegates and allow them to explore all of the factors influencing pricing, practice good price management and understand the ramifications of getting it wrong as well as developing their own best practice approach to optimising performance for their own roles within their businesses 
  • Delegate participation is mandatory and culminates in them creating their own action plans for introducing the new skills learnt in their day-to-day activities 

Course Content 

  • B2X Market Pricing – understand who determines pricing, the core influencers and what impacts residual values 
  • Trade-in and B2B – Understand how pricing is reflected when trading-in a vehicle and how B2B pricing is determined 
  • Price Management – Understand market practices and influences to constantly achieve correct pricing 
  • Tools – Understand some of the tools that help build market pricing 


CARA Members€ 300
Non-CARA Members€ 450